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Lyoness Membership is free of charge and therefore, risk-free. You do not enter any obligations but you have the chance to benefit from shopping at over 300.000 Cashback Points at over 70.000 Loyalty Merchants spread across over 47 different countries.

This is how you can shop with Lyoness

Cashback Card

Show the plastic or digital Cashback Card before paying at checkout and, the purchase will be registered in the Lyoness Loyalty Program. This means, you will receive up to 5% of your purchase amount as Cashback in your bank account, and you will also receive the valuable Shopping Points. Just one card with "Money back" and Shopping Points rather than dozens of different customer cards: for all sectors and worldwide!

Online Shopping

You can find a large selection of Loyalty Merchant's online shops at Log in and select a shop, click on the Loyalty Merchant's logo or on the "Online Shopping" button. You will receive Cashback and Shopping Points credited to your Member Account for every purchase made at a Loyalty Merchant's online shop. Furthermore, you can also purchase a variety of Lyoness products in the Lyonessme Store.

Gift Cards

You can purchase Gift Cards through Lyoness before you shop at the Lyoness Loyalty Merchants. You can do this online (, or at a Gift Card Selling Point. You will receive your Gift Cards either digitally or the actual card upon payment, and then you can shop with the applicable Loyalty Merchant. Your Cashback and Shopping Points will be calculated based on the amount of the purchased Gift Cards.

Shopping Points

  • Cashback Card
  • Online Shopping
  • Shopping Points

Clever shoppers receive a number of shopping benefits. Do not miss out on this and register today. The Membership is free of charge and open-ended; you will always receive your Lyoness Benefits.


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”When I first heard about the Lyoness benefits, I didn't have to think long. I registered right away and started to shop at the wide selection of Lyoness Loyalty Merchants. It really paid off! Soon after, I got my first Cashback amount paid directly into my personal account and I was able to save even more money with the Shopping Points. Money back with every purchase really works!”
- Roman Raffelseder 

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