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Lyoness is a global, multi-sector Shopping Community and Loyalty Program for regional, national and international commerce.

The Membership is free of charge for everyone. And the motto "Money back with every purchase" applies to everyone. Members always benefit from Cashback and Shopping Points when they shop at Lyoness Loyalty Merchants. Educate yourself and be an informed consumer!

It is important to Lyoness that everyone benefits from purchases made worldwide. Therefore, not just our shoppers enjoy the benefits when shopping with Loyalty Merchants; our Loyalty Merchants themselves benefit as well.

Additionally, the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation and the Greenfinity Foundation also benefit, as a percentage of your purchase goes towards funding their work.

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Similar to a large commercial chains which buy in bulk, Lyoness being a large Shopping Community, gets better prices at its Loyalty Merchants - And every Member benefits from it, free of charge.

Lyoness Members receive up to 5% Cashback with every purchase, as well as valuable Shopping Points. Example: If a Loyalty Merchant offers 2% Cashback and 8 Shopping Points per $100.00 purchase, this results in $2.00 Cashback and 8 Shopping Points.

In addition, Lyoness Members also receive the Friendship Bonus. If you like the idea of our Shopping Community, then refer Lyoness to others. If someone registers with Lyoness as your referral you will benefit from their purchases by receiving up to 0.5% of the purchase price as a Direct Friendship Bonus. And if the new Member refers Lyoness to others, you will benefit from up to 0.5% Indirect Friendship Bonus from all their purchases as well.

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Lyoness offers you numerous shopping opportunities to receive money directly into your bank account, as well as accumulating Shopping Points with every purchase.

Regardless of the method you choose, your Lyoness Benefits are guaranteed. You can choose your preferred method of shopping to benefit and receive Cashback and Shopping Points.*

  • Cashback Card: one loyalty card for all sectors and countries instead of dozens of customer loyalty cards, which take up a lot of space.
  • Mobile Cashback: simple and clever shopping with the Smartphone
  • Online Shopping: You benefit with Cashback and Shopping Points even while shopping online.

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In the world of Lyoness it’s all about clever shopping and Members are provided various ways to do so. Because shopping isn’t just shopping. It should be fun, interesting and, last but not least, beneficial. Lyoness thus turns shopping into an experience that can be achieved in different ways:

  • With Lyoness TV
  • With the Lyoness Foundations' Magazines
  • With the Mobile App
  • At
  • At
  • In the Lyonessme Store
  • On Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube
  • Through the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation’s and Lyoness Greenfinity Foundation’s projects

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With Lyoness, you cannot only go shopping but also increase your shopping budget and earn an additional income with Lyconet.

Lyconet offers people with vision and dedication an extraordinary chance: The opportunity to build up a regional, national or even an international Shopping Network.

Refer Lyoness to others and start benefiting from the Friendship Bonus and other Benefits. The bigger your Shopping Network, the more purchases volume and the more Benefits for you.

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I took advantage of the opportunity with Lyconet and have become a successful Shopping Networker: you can do it as well!

If you would you like to educate yourself as a wise shopper, I will be happy to support you within my Shopping Network. I am your contact person, and will show you how to take advantage of the shopping benefits.

Benefit from my experience and receive information that will open the door to your success with Lyconet. Get in touch with me and I will assist you in the development of your Shopping Network step by step.

The first step is to register free of charge: by doing this now, you can become a smart shopper and start benefiting immediately. Simply click on "register free of charge and without obligation" and Lyoness Benefits will become available to you free of charge with no time limit. I will happily assist you! Contact me at any time!

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Lyoness Loyalty Merchants

With around 60.000 Loyalty Merchants and 300.000 Cashback Points worldwide, Lyoness provides a wide range of shopping offers. Here's a selection of the Loyalty Merchants in your country.

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”When I first heard about the Lyoness benefits, I didn't have to think long. I registered right away and started to shop at the wide selection of Lyoness Loyalty Merchants. It really paid off! Soon after, I got my first Cashback amount paid directly into my personal account and I was able to save even more money with the Shopping Points. Money back with every purchase really works!”
- RogerPam Foulks 

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