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Lyoness is an internationally active shopping community as well as a Loyalty Program for regional, national and international businesses.

Membership is free of charge for everyone. Our "Money back with every purchase" slogan applies to all Members, because they benefit from Cashback and other Member Benefits for purchases made from Lyoness Loyalty Merchants. Become a clever and informed consumer too!

It is very important to Lyoness that all parties benefit from the worldwide purchases. Not only do the consumers benefit from shopping with Loyalty Merchants but also the Loyalty Merchants benefit as Lyoness Members purposely shop with them.

In addition, the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation and the Lyoness Greenfinity Foundation benefit too as part of every purchase will be donated to their work.

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Similar to large chain stores which are granted better prices due to making bulk purchases; as a large shopping community, Lyoness is granted better conditions by its Loyalty Merchants. Every Member benefits and it’s free of charge.

For every purchase, Lyoness Members receive Cashback of up to 2% as well as further Member Benefits which can amount up to 20%, depending on the Loyalty Merchant. The best thing about it: the Lyoness Membership is free of charge and unlimited. Register once free of charge and make unlimited use of the Lyoness Benefits.

In addition, Lyoness Members can receive the Friendship Bonus. Do you like the idea of your shopping community? Recommend Lyoness to others. If somebody registers with Lyoness thanks to your recommendation, you will benefit from their purchases by receiving the direct Friendship Bonus of 0.5%. If this new Member registers another person, you will also benefit from the indirect Friendship Bonus of 0.5%.

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Lyoness offers four ways to receive money back in your account with every purchase.

No matter which of them you use, your Lyoness benefits are guaranteed. You can choose how you prefer to profit while shopping and how you want to build your Cashback.

  • Cashback Card: one benefits card for all industries and countries rather than dozens of customer cards with bonus points
  • Mobile Cashback: simple and clever shopping with the Smartphone
  • Gift Cards: receive Cashback by buying Loyalty Merchant Gift Cards and Vouchers.
  • Online Shopping: Receive Cashback Benefits when shopping online.

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In the world of Lyoness it’s all about clever shopping and Members are provided various ways to do so. Because shopping isn’t just shopping. It should be fun, interesting and, last but not least, beneficial. Lyoness thus turns shopping into an experience that can be achieved in different ways:

  • With Lyoness TV
  • With the Cashback Magazine
  • With the Mobile App
  • On
  • On
  • In the Lyoness Store
  • On Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube
  • Through the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation’s and Lyoness Greenfinity Foundation’s projects

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With Lyoness, you cannot only go shopping but also increase your shopping budget and earn an additional income with Lyconet.

Lyconet provides dedicated and visionary people with an extraordinary possibility: the possibility to set up a regional, national or even international Shopping Network.

If you recommend Lyoness to others, you can also benefit from other benefits in addition to Friendship Bonus. The bigger your Shopping Network, the bigger your shopping volume and the more your personal benefits.

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I took advantage of the opportunity with Lyconet and have become a successful Shopping Networker: you can do it as well!

If you want to do some clever shopping, I will gladly help you via my Shopping Network. I will be your contact person and will show you how to take advantage of the shopping benefits in the best possible way. But there is much more that I can do for you.

Benefit from my experiences by receiving information that will open the doors to success with Lyconet. Contact me and I will help you step-by-step with extending your own Shopping Network.

First of all, register free of charge: Do it today to become a clever consumer and benefit with immediate effect. Click on ‟Register free without obligation” and take advantage of all Lyoness Benefits free of charge and unlimited. I would be happy to support you, do not hesitate to contact me at any time!

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Lyoness Loyalty Merchants

Thanks to approx. 36,000 Loyalty Merchants and 200,000 Cashback Points worldwide, Lyoness is able to offer extensive shopping possibilities. Please see below an overview of Loyalty Merchants in your country.

Loyalty Merchants

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I found the idea of Lyoness fascinating right from the start. Every time you go shopping you get Cashback and your Loyalty Benefits, and at the same time you are helping to support the Lyoness Foundations. I can’t remember ever having such a clear conscience doing my shopping before Lyoness. You can’t get better than that!
- Carl Walters

Lyoness is fun. I get Cashback, my friends benefit from their shopping by getting Cashback, and I benefit from their shopping as well with the Friendship Bonus. With this everyone can enjoy the Lyoness Benefits.
- Andrea Rossi

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