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Your Personal Shopping Network With Lyconet

Everyone in the world is a consumer and there are many people who still don’t know about the great Lyoness shopping benefits. Bring these people into your own Shopping Network and take advantage of the Lyoness Benefits together. If a Member who registered with Lyoness thanks to your recommendation shops with a Lyoness Loyalty Merchant, you will receive 0.5% direct Friendship Bonus for bringing the Member to Lyoness. If this Member recommends Lyoness to others, you will receive 0.5% indirect Friendship Bonus from their purchases.

You Members (Direct) Members (Indirect)

This means: Members who constantly take advantage of the shopping benefits or recommend them to others will be rewarded. Start your personal Shopping Network, benefit from its shopping volume and earn an additional income.

I would be happy to show you how to set up your successful Shopping Network with Lyconet: Contact me!

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Shopping Loyalty That Pays Off

Cashback and Friendship Bonus are by far not the only benefits from which you can benefit with Lyconet. For every purchase, you will also receive Loyalty Benefits which are calculated based on the Member Benefit granted by a Loyalty Merchant. If, for example, the Member Benefit amounts to 7% and you receive Cashback of 2%, the remaining 5% are credited to your Loyalty Account.

   X% Cashback (up to 2%)
+ X% Loyalty Benefits credited to your
   Loyalty Account
= Member Benefits

A purchase of approximately $1,500 thus results in Cashback of $30 and Loyalty Benefits of $75. As soon as you have accumulated $75 in your Loyalty Account, you can take advantage of further Lyconet Benefits.

I would be happy to show you how to take advantage of these benefits. Contact me and I will tell you what else Lyconet has to offer.

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Take Advantage Of Further Benefits

You can benefit even more, if you make purchases worth $30,000 from Lyoness Loyalty Merchants within one year. By doing this, you will obtain Premium Member status. Premium Members are making a clear decision – to shop and profit with Lyoness every step of the way! Of course, not everyone makes purchases worth $30,000 per year, but with Lyconet you can plan your purchases ahead.

Smart Shopping!

New furniture, your own home, a vacation or a car are on everybody’s shopping list at some point. Lyconet offers the unique possibility to plan these purchases professionally. Members who like to shop with Vouchers/Gift Cards therefore have the option to partially pay for an order. Order the Vouchers/Gift Cards for your bigger shopping needs now, make a down payment on them and pay the rest of the order when you want to make the actual purchase.
Or even better: Earn part or the entire amount left to be paid through commissions or bonuses.

If you would like to know how you can optimize your shopping in the best possible way as well, contact me and I would be happy to support you.

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To The Top

The bigger the shopping volume of your Shopping Network the more you will benefit from it. The Lyconet Business Academy training program and the possibility to operate your own MyLyconet website will help you to successfully set up your personal Shopping Network. Lyconet supports your business setup with targeted marketing and innovative technologies: free of charge registration and Online Office, newsletter service, SMS service, mobile applications for Smartphones and Tablets, online TV channel (Lyoness TV), MyLyconet website, online & offline training program (Lyconet Business Academy) and much more...
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Earn Money By Shopping!

Recommend the Lyoness shopping benefits to others
and start your own Career.

Agnes Tavas

Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information. I can help you to take the first steps towards your personal Shopping Network. Lyoness expects a strongly growing number of Members within the next years – how many of them will be in your Shopping Network? As part of Lyconet you have the exclusive opportunity to market the Lyoness shopping benefits – get your share of the worldwide shopping volume!

Loyalty Merchants

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A successful career was always important for me: I’ve achieved that with Lyconet. As a Lyoness Loyalty Merchant I have built up my clientele and my sales figures have increased. I offer benefits and get benefits in return – the perfect Win-Win situation!
- Lars Svensson

I have also set up my own Shopping Network with Lyconet, I’m successful, and my Network Members also take advantage of the Lyoness Benefits. Simply recommend Lyoness to others and benefit from up to 0.5 % of the purchases made by the new Lyoness Member. What more could you wish for?
- Estebana Hernandez

Take advantage of the Lyoness Benefits starting today. Fill in the form below and click Contact Me, to receive more information or click Register Now to become a Lyoness Member free of charge now.


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